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How to get the best lighting for your dartboard

As dart players, good dartboard lighting is one of those things where you know it when you see it but don't really know how to go about setting it up. Is fluorescent lighting better than a spotight? What about halogen bulbs in a track system? How high should the lighting be above the dartboard and at what angle? We all know that the most effective lighting illuminates the board evenly and leaves no shadows while the darts are in the board, but setting up such a system has always been easier said than done. Until now, that is.

The Circumluminator™ is a revolutionary lighting system that solves all of your lighting needs in one easy-to-install unit. Cast in a heavy-duty and durable plastic housing unit, The Circumluminator™ uses a neon lighting system that removes the need for bulb replacement. The circular shape of the system casts a warm bright white light evenly across the entire board from every angle and there are virtually no shadows or glare whatsoever. Imagine always being able to tell where a dart has landed without having to disrupt your throw and stance - that's pure darting heaven!

The current Circumluminator™ dart lighting system Four-times brighter than the original model and utilises a low voltage transformer that translates into lower electricity costs for users. The current lamp housing is also five times thicker than the original. Its durability ensures that no stray darts can penetrate the housing and the ability to personalise the backlit graphics in the face of the housing with advertisements or sponsor announcements makes it the perfect addition to both homes and businesses who wish to offer an attractive, professional and potentially profitable darts venue.


  1. 25 inches diameter, 4 inches deep
  2. The Circumluminator is attached to wall or backboard
  3. Includes keyway to mount your dartboard and built in springs to hold dartboard steady
  4. Neon lamp controlled by low voltage electronic neon transformer and wall plug AC adapter
  5. Custom backlit graphics included based on your design


Two year manufacturer's warranty for electronic neon transformer


$500.00 (US) plus approximately $70.00 (US) shipping. Total $570.00 (US) paid by Canada post money order or bank draft.

Please note that customers are responsible for any Canadian import duties or VAT.

Inquiries: Mr. Scott Harrison


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