Toronto Singles Darts 501 and Cricket

One location. Tons of darts. Free food. Get home early.

We'll update you in early fall about our Singles Shoots and what we have planned.

How it works:

Play during the regular season would be as follows:

  1. Seasons are comprised of 12 weeks with schedules and statistics being provided online.
  2. The proposed start times are 7:00-8:00pm or as agreed-upon by the players in that group.
  3. You play against all players in attendance each week.
  4. You might play 3 legs of 501 against each opponent for a minimum of 21 legs. Please note that this can change if fewer than 8 players are available, and On Cue plays cricket only.
  5. Groups can change the format any time provided that everyone is in agreement.

The appeal:

  1. A no-travel network - all your matches happen in one location, each week.
  2. You choose the location that's best for you (or you can even start your own).
  3. Different nights of play - flexible for busy lives.
  4. Only 2 per board, depending on the location - lots of play time and little waiting.
  5. A great practice tool in preparation of your regular league nights.
  6. Free food - just like league nights!
  7. Sponsor's prizes!
  8. No team games.
  9. Start early, have a great time, finish early, and, best of all - get home early!

Would you like to participate?

If this format is of interest to you, contact us and we'll either set you up in one of the existing groups or a newer one as they are launched.

Would you like to start one of your own shoots?

If you know of enough people - or almost enough people - to start your very own shoot, we'll gladly support you and help to have it set up and to find extra players as well. Contact us using the form below and give us enough information to get started, such as: the location, how many players you have in mind, their average skill level and whatever else you think might be helpful.

Let us know that you're interested!

If you would like to play in one of our Singles Shoots, please contact us and we'll get back to you right away.